Sgraffito is a painting technique where the artist scratches into the top layer of the paint to reveal areas of the surface underneath.

According to the creator of this interesting piece – “This little square frog dish is moss green with a yellow center. It has a shallow shape and is just the right size for a spoon rest…

I developed my own special “sgraffito glass” process to make this kind of work. The drawing is made with black glass-powder paint – the kind that’s been used for centuries in beautiful painted church windows. Sgraffito is the process of scratching away the glass paint layer to reveal the underlying glass color.

It takes three firings in a kiln to finish this kind of piece. The extremely high temperature of the kiln turns the glass paint back into a smooth, glossy layer of real glass, permanently bonded to the base glass. So it’s really tough….

Materials – Fused glass, and paint made with ground glass
Size – 4″ x 3/4″

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